What People Are Saying 



"Caroline helped make my wedding day so amazing! Very talented, creative and professional...We all looked wonderful...Thank you so much!"

Johanna Febres, Bride

"Caroline Dorick was brought in for one of Sisa Design's Fashion Shows in 2010. It was hosted by my company TwyLyfe.com and HTM magazine. Needless to say, her creative work received high reviews from ALL of the models. Her work and approach is very professional and I would definitely work with her again."

Sean Juan, Online Marketing Consultant, Smek Design and Consulting

"Fantastic to work with - creative, professional, cooperative and full of solutions... a pleasure!"

Nervous Records
Body Artist - Kirk James Dupuis, Owner of Kirkworx Production
Makeup Artist - Caroline Dorick, Owner of Make-Up By Caroline
Photographer - Micheal Romeo, Owner of Micheal Romeo Creations
Model -

Kirk James Dupuis - Owner, Kirkworx Productions

"Caroline Dorick was the Makeup Artist for several of my shoots and is very professional and creative."

Tracy Harman, Owner, Tracy Harman Photography

"Caroline Dorick is extremely talented and a fantastic Makeup Artist. I had the opportunity to model some of her looks and each one was extremely beautiful. She had a lot of creative and great ideas during the shoot and is a true pleasure to work with."

Debbie Abazia - Professional Model